wanted dead or alive in 2k10

30 April, 2008

Hey Benjamin

hows about we hit this in July:


Some Psalters will be with them when they come to Richmond on July 23rd.

27 April, 2008

Dives in Dumpsters

We got:

blueberry bagels
a short driver club
a painting of a Canadian Battle
2 skateboard decks
a sweet piece of fabric (I will surely use as a curtain)
a pair of converse skate shoes
a stress relieving yoga CD


23 April, 2008

shiquid sit lurprise
liquid shit suprise

22 April, 2008


well boyz,
here's my goose bump moment

ya'll y'all yaw yawl you-all

urban dictionary

urban dictionary says i'm an idiot, but wikipedia says its cool. i always go with wikipedia first.

check out the new sal's pizza website ya'll

sal's of kilmarnock

20 April, 2008

Biggest FAIL of the night goes to:

The dude Lisa and I saw riding down Church Street, in a pimped car, utterly blasting "You Shook Me All Night Long" by AC/DC. FAIL!

18 April, 2008


brother sport is dreamlike. me likeysss. also, Redemption Song (Bob Marley) is an incredible song. Check Joe Strummer doing his version:

(can you spot familiar faces??)

17 April, 2008

anothR one from norwegia

silje nes

ames room is good.

brother sport

harmonies. i can't wait 'til they record this. the middle part is way intense and then beautiful (like goose pimple beautiful) when it comes back in. harmonies.

14 April, 2008



names change

but we reconcile?


13 April, 2008

11 April, 2008

Hark, Brothers!

Hear these new words and sounds from the underground!

10 April, 2008

ya'll heres the new tiger lillies joint


she don't use jelly

just last night i was telling nathan and rachael how i feel like Strawberry Jam Forever is not good at every song. i don't like peacebone, unsolved mysteries, or winter wonderland. my favorite is almost always cuckoo, sometimes #1, sometimes derek. watchit, i couldn't figure our yer licky dragons website. i listened to the one on your mux though and liked it enough.

09 April, 2008


just do listen to lucky dragons.

today i've been strawberry jamming.

i like Chores.

08 April, 2008


i like that anathallo song more and more every time.

i got busted trying to steal a (THROWN AWAY (AS IN IT WAS IN THE TRASH)) croissant from WaWa. ended up costing my $0.50 with a coupon. shoulda been damn free though. an entire bag of delicious donuts and bread gone to waste. they didn't know i had a cliff bar in my back pocket though, and that was scrumptious..

georgie james was good, do ya'll like them (by ya'll i mean ben). you know with the drummer from Q? cake parade.

new short shorts from the thrift today. showin' off dem thighs.

benagain, we're planning a trip to north carolina on may 4 to see those men men. with a band called yeasayer. also good. check them out on my new muxtape. (really listen to the song all the way through so you know how i feel about all ya'll) are you home then? is my real question

here is the mux

07 April, 2008


A friend (Nathan Blake) has made this:

tuff beats and sweet treats

it is sung in japonese, but here is this one little singsong in an english translation...

The ribs of the umbrella
Have fallen apart;
The paper is also torn,
But with bamboo
Tied together.
Do not throw it away,
Though I
Also am torn,
Don't desert me.

I do love this band.


this day and the last we spent in the watch of some films that just take me back, brothers.

can ya guess which ones?

ahah aha haha hah ah
aha h
ah ah

05 April, 2008


04 April, 2008


oh, i will scheck that out fosho. i like some dem bands like liars, dirty proj, xiu, FF, el grincho,...

oh you can download the whole thing for free.

did ya'll listen to santogold yet?

my name isobel

y'all heard of this cover bjork album stereogum's got up?
two wonderfags took part in it...

03 April, 2008

01 April, 2008

Dandy Dandies

I agree, houses are good. What about the church, on the floor, no PA just a mic and an amp?
and whos house?

p.s. like the pic

Ideas that do come.

if we do happen to dandy this sumsum,
and we do happen to show,
let us only play in homes

more noisy loud.
more happy crowd.
basically more of everything goode and nothing of bad.

see what i mean?

conviction that the best is... by =SLPdomain on deviantART


i don't know if you can post an mp3 but you could do this site like i did: muxtape and then just upload one song.

ps. whats goin' on' on' yr' blog'?' 

una veces me siento como un contilado

y'all know how to post mp3?
i did it.

Our Library Thingy

here's some books we've read: