wanted dead or alive in 2k10

31 January, 2008

ben, i know fire on fire:


Big Blood - The Grove (i think members of fire on fire?)



have a good equadoor.


30 January, 2008

howzabouts anutha gem...


fire on fire.

try the listen!


just tonight I fell in the love...

wheres OsWALDO --- yes i do like this mín

oh yes i do.

29 January, 2008

y tú ¿Qué has hecho?

here is the name of an artist fer y'all to love.
we went to his museum today...
La capilla del hombre.

he is called,

Oswaldo Guayasamín.

do yer homework.
do yer research.
get o'er here and we'll go again to the museum.


27 January, 2008

Seperated by Borders

So we have a man in Georgia. And an ally in Spain. And now we have a man in Equador. But we will be united again. We shall not falter. We shall not sway. We are strong in our love and wait for the day we ride together once more....... field reports are expected. much love brothers

24 January, 2008

re: equa door

is it hot?

Equator. touch it. id id.

id id. kids. i did touch that equator. i touched both hemispheres a la vez. and i recommend it. so, 'sup USA?

20 January, 2008

I Love Snow Because

Well, I donno why exactly. I love the way it feels when it snows, the way it sounds, the way it smells... I think I could live in a place that spends most of the winter covered in snow. Sadly, we don't get much snow here, and less and less every year. But today it did. And it still is. And its a lot by Northern Neck standards. I don't pray much, but I pray it sticks around at least through tomorrow. Weatherman says the high will be 34 tomorrow. And recently he has been off by like, 3 degrees, in my favor. You don't need a Weatherman to know which way the snow blows. I can't say much more about it, so let me show you:

19 January, 2008

MAJOR Troubleshooting

Ok, so after about 3 days of frustration, cursing all of existence, and maybe a few tears, I have fixed my once working, then broken, brand fucking new camera. Last time I will buy a JVC camcorder to use with a Mac. I finally broke down and BOUGHT (Imagine that) a patch I needed to allow this open source program to convert these fucked up file formats. Fuck JVC and Fuck Apple for making me spend $21 on a patch that is only 1.5 MB!! Its a $500 camera. Couldn't they have gone the little extra mile to use a UNIVERSAL FILE FORMAT?! Fucktards. Ugh. Anyways, all is well now and the movie-making can recommence. Praise Allah

16 January, 2008

14 January, 2008

< tree > A (heart) Z 4 EVA < /tree >

Ok so... This totally made me think of Aaron and Zane... This is probably how they met at college actually -- they never were specific... On a side note -- James hooked it up with like 60g in WoW for me so I'm totally set now. I'll probably be able to afford an epic mount or an epic flying mount when I hit 60 or 70 lawl bye

13 January, 2008

Boys and Ghouls

We are in the process of creating a couple new vid-vids. It will be fun. There will be skateboarding, there will be goof-balling, there will be Skit-making, and there will be fun-having. Here is a preview....

Now get out there and do something!

07 January, 2008

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Saw "Juno" tonight. Super badass. Good soundtrack, some parts were a little forced I think, but overall I liked it. I'm liking all these movies that are coming out lately about kind of, middle-America high school misfit type people. Hot Rod is another goodie. We used one of those ticket ATM type things, so we all got in as children. Rachael brought her huge purse so we could sneak stuff in as well. IHOP had all you can eat pancakes for $5. So all and all a pretty good night. I hope to be starting work on some videos soon, I just got a new digital camcorder and am itching to put it to good use. Wizard.

btw, what the fuck is up with 62 degrees in January? Anyone else not get that?

01 January, 2008

whoa, dude

you have to post a picture of you in those pants, come on..

no, dude..

post a picture of you holding halo 3, in those pants.

like this, but with the pants.


Hey guys. I'm using someone my girl's computer. Not something I can do often. How's everything? I've been working for Best Buy for going on 4 weeks (one month) now. Sweet. No money for graphics card. Even if I did, there are other priorities. Thank you guys so much for Halo 3. That was nice of you to do. I've completed the campaign solo on Normal difficulty. Actually seemed easier than the previous chapters. Possibly because you have the Arbiter--who is invincible--by your side for three quarters of the game. I'm working on Achievements and completing it on Legendary now. Feel free to join. Yeah, I noticed the message you sent me today, Nathan. Funny thing is, it didn't say I received a message at all. I found it an hour later. Either way, I was not playing any longer. Making dinner with my girl and all. I hope we can play soon. My grandparents sent me a dark brown, long-sleeve, suede button up shirt. It was a pretty color and was comfortable. Unfortunately, it was a large--a large that was actually really large--so, I went to exchange it for a small, but they no longer had any. I decided to get a pair of pants. Jeans, to be precise. Since I'm spidery (or so I'm told), I can't wear men's pants. I ended up getting a pair of women's Levi's jeans. Nice and soft and sexy. They are low rider as well. Yum. It has larger belt loops so now I can easily wear my three-row studded leather belt. Looks good, especially with my Opeth belt buckle. Really comfortable. I'm wearing them right now. Boot cut, so they flair a little at the feet. Anywho, I have to go now. Peace with you guys.

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