wanted dead or alive in 2k10

30 December, 2008




Is great.

I have been struggling a little to reconcile my belief that we don't need presidents or leaders with the good feelings I couldn't help but have after Barack Obama won the presidency. Apparently I'm not the only anarchist who feels the same. I plan on participating on January 20th. Anyone want to come with me and be a part of history?

24 December, 2008

Soooo good!

New Chariot song:

Working title is "Charlie Davidson"....
They also play Forgive Me Nashville.

21 December, 2008

I knew they wouldn't let me down....

CrimethInc has been pretty silent during all the hub bub in Greece, but here they finally give a thorough analysis of what might be happening there, and why corporate media has it wrong. Its not just about Alexandros and its not just fueled by a poor economy. What else is at work here?

16 December, 2008

Could've done without the 9/11 shit

but this provides some great insight for anyone who has ever had the Bible quoted to them to make them feel like shit:

15 December, 2008

wonka, truly wonka

you should really see this one.

14 December, 2008

12 December, 2008


ya'll should see this one.................... instantly.

10 December, 2008



play it safe, lads.

09 December, 2008

these guys seem pretty sweet so far


animal collective and beirut mixed? meh... somethin like that

Paris '68 to Greece '08?

The riots are still happening and they are spreading across the country. The Conservative Party of Greek's gov't seems to be sorely weakened and the Socialist Party is standing by, waiting to seize their moment. Workers Unions across the country are planning solidarity strikes through out Greece and there are many more solidarity actions being taken up in Europe and even San Francisco and New York City. This is seriously looking to be more than just Greek's version of the Rodney King Riots. Athens is looking to be our generation's Paris. Its really exciting to see this happening. I don't hold any hopes for Greece to become a "free society" but its always inspiring to see so many different groups of people organizing and reacting in a way that is concrete and direct. None of the sign holding, hippie bullshit. As long as the rioters seem to be keeping their focus on the cops and other parts of the State, I can't see much wrong with a violent reaction to a violent act. Maybe this will have the same effect on Greece and the rest of the world today as Paris did in '68. Hopefully it will be more successful. Hopefully Alexandros was not just another death at the hands of a cop.

08 December, 2008

Truely Great Stuff

This has some great links to incredible footage in Greece.


07 December, 2008

Wars and Rumors of Wars

title of the new Cha-Cha-Cha-Chariot.

presumably taken from Mathew 24:6


I heard a bit of a new song being played live.......sounds bawesome.

Also, the new t(i)nc album, "The Cross of My Calling", has grown on me quite a bit, although the chorus of "Washington Bullets" still annoys me. As I recall it took me awhile to get used to "Armed Love" too, so y'all should gives it a try.

"Child of God" is probably my favorite track.

or "I am the Dynamite".

also, btw, M.I.A. is f-ing pregnant!!

04 December, 2008

oh yeah

did you guys know you can watch instantly on mac on netflix now?


Name Drops

all over the place

03 December, 2008

02 December, 2008

ha ha ha, bless your soul.

and for nathan...

30 November, 2008

24 November, 2008


I don't know if you remember trying to download this shit back in the day, but I found the whole show on YouTube:

21 November, 2008

figured someone else would appreciate this

late B-day present


20 November, 2008

Squatters and Frodus

http://www.miaminewtimes.com/2008-11-20/news/squatters/ <----pretty effective way to handle the mortgage crisis....

Ben, Remember this?

18 November, 2008



check it guys.

17 November, 2008

367 days

we missed our blogs first birthday two days ago. nobody even posted that day..


16 November, 2008


I've been feelin' rather nostalgic lately guys. The cool weather keeps me thinking of years past. I'm missin' the hippie adventures. and the late night walks. and FEMA. and movie makin'. And iHOP and Ghent at 2 in the morning, all sweaty after a show that no one showed up to (except a few good friends). What I'm trying to say is, I miss yous guys. And we need to do more things.

12 November, 2008

washi sneaky

fellas, on a scale, how much do y'all think y'all love this singalongsong? oooooooor, ttttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssss won

holding back the tears...

i dunno if you guys realized, but our blog will be one year old on november 15th.. how should we celebrate?

09 November, 2008

This is Chuck

He plays guitar in a band called Crocodiles (myspace.com/crocodilescrocodilescrocodiles). He also used to play in a band called The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower. Fun fact about Chuck, his grandparents live in Kilmarnock, and he and his bandmate Brandon (also of the Plot), were just in town on their American tour. They didn't play any shows here, but as you can see, they celebrated Chuck's birthday. I wish they would've gotten some pizza....

05 November, 2008

and um..

and now: will.i.am via hologram..

i don't know if you guys were watching CNN, but we have finally reached the future.


04 November, 2008

03 November, 2008


going to them tomorrow fellas. First time voting for a president. I feel like a big kid.
don't forget to cast your ballot.

o yeah, ever think of doing this?

02 November, 2008

26 October, 2008

25 October, 2008


zena zane.
I want to copy your shark costume what did you use for the teeth and fin brother? fabric. aaaaaf?

22 October, 2008

Bad Ass Pic, RIP Brad Will

This is Brad Will, he was gunned down in Oaxaca by Mexican Police
on October 27th, 2006. Mostly I just liked the picture, but I thought
it was worth mentioning who was in the photo. Fire-breathing is fucking
kick ass.

20 October, 2008

Elephants and Donkeys

Ben (or anyone else really), thought you might find some of this interesting.
I thought it was a pretty good analysis, without all the political mumbo jumbo vocabulary.

19 October, 2008

go go git it

so when I was in Grand Rapids last week(end), I met a man who works for Evo. And upon hearing that name, I remembered our dear old Goat Devil. that is all. and this awaits y'all... go go git it.

10 October, 2008

A director is only as good as his cast!

ask M. Night Shamylan......Mark Wahlberg bbbbblllllllleeeeeeeeeewwwwwww in the Happening!


seriously, he was better in Four Brothers.

08 October, 2008


and this is what i ffffound.

i ponly ost ictures

the new anathallo leaked.
i snatched it.
i love it.
now it is gone, but here is the truth...

06 October, 2008

03 October, 2008


2 bags of cotton candy

bunch of squash

a few zucchini

and some egg plant.

Also, some douche called the cops on me but i avoided them.


01 October, 2008


Oh hey where y'alls buying books these days?

30 September, 2008

obey yr brainzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

"Obey Your Brain is excited to offer our third release, Man Man’s “Snakehandling / Little Torments” 7". The two exclusive tracks we're taken from the Rabbit Habbits session recorded last year at the Shape Shoppe studio by Blue Hawaii. Amber Vinyl."

got this in the mail yesterday, it's boss hogg.



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