wanted dead or alive in 2k10

26 October, 2008

25 October, 2008


zena zane.
I want to copy your shark costume what did you use for the teeth and fin brother? fabric. aaaaaf?

22 October, 2008

Bad Ass Pic, RIP Brad Will

This is Brad Will, he was gunned down in Oaxaca by Mexican Police
on October 27th, 2006. Mostly I just liked the picture, but I thought
it was worth mentioning who was in the photo. Fire-breathing is fucking
kick ass.

20 October, 2008

Elephants and Donkeys

Ben (or anyone else really), thought you might find some of this interesting.
I thought it was a pretty good analysis, without all the political mumbo jumbo vocabulary.

19 October, 2008

go go git it

so when I was in Grand Rapids last week(end), I met a man who works for Evo. And upon hearing that name, I remembered our dear old Goat Devil. that is all. and this awaits y'all... go go git it.

10 October, 2008

A director is only as good as his cast!

ask M. Night Shamylan......Mark Wahlberg bbbbblllllllleeeeeeeeeewwwwwww in the Happening!


seriously, he was better in Four Brothers.

08 October, 2008


and this is what i ffffound.

i ponly ost ictures

the new anathallo leaked.
i snatched it.
i love it.
now it is gone, but here is the truth...

06 October, 2008

03 October, 2008


2 bags of cotton candy

bunch of squash

a few zucchini

and some egg plant.

Also, some douche called the cops on me but i avoided them.


01 October, 2008


Oh hey where y'alls buying books these days?

Our Library Thingy

here's some books we've read: