wanted dead or alive in 2k10

28 February, 2009

goin' gay

i want what happened in the go-getter to happen to me.

27 February, 2009

just movin' my shit, when i happen upon this...

every little thing gonna be alright.

26 February, 2009


18 February, 2009

for mah boiz

a diamond in the ruff.

i mean have you guys seen this?

from Alex

15 February, 2009

10 February, 2009

08 February, 2009

Like Diamonds

what we did

rrmmber the harp at th'end of Brother, Sister...

it was at a wonderfully beautiful art gallery which sadly will be closing because of th'economic situation.

ps. if you ever get to hear some super soundz in an art gallery - do it. and watch the paintings, they just might come to lyfe

07 February, 2009

Who says it isn't possible?

Seriously, watch it. Pretty awesome.

05 February, 2009

If we let this thing die..

Nathan won't be the only one with "no life" WUH OH!! ZING!!

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03 February, 2009

we are we are

letting this shit die dudes. do better. here:

Our Library Thingy

here's some books we've read: