wanted dead or alive in 2k10

30 November, 2007

Moving forgetfully along, with no need to be strong

Guzman's, Harrisonburg, Va. November 29th, 2007. 3 shitty bands and mewithoutYou. Yes, I nearly shat. This was my 10th time seeing mwY, and it won't be my last. 1st time to see M.I.A. tonight, at The Sonar in Baltimore. Probably should bring a change of pants.....peace in the middle east

26 November, 2007


I got those in the mail over the weekend. So that was nice. I'm still waiting on the Make-Up live DVD and the book, "John the Painter" about the Scottish "terrorist" who helped fight the British in the American Revolution. I saw Ghosts of Cite Soleil last night. About gang leaders in Haiti. Its really interesting because the film makers actually gave the guys handy-cams to record their thoughts, and seemed to actually have be-friended these guys, really letting you see what goes on in their lives. Recommended, um, a lot. We are hangin' out at Aaron's tonight, so sure to be some more interesting posts later.........So thats really all there is, and there isn't anymore.

except this...

there is a better word for it........

22 November, 2007

Yum Yums

What I ate for Thanksgiving:

and this:

and some big-assed rolls. Sorry there aren't any photos of the actual falafels.
I ate like 5 pitas full of 'em. I never remembered to actually take pics.
I also found out my cousin Jennifer is engaged.
Thats nice. No Fruit-Booting today, but tomorrow will be EXTREME!
I hope your Thanksgiving was as good as mine. Love

big news

We arrived in Monroe GA at 3:00 a.m. last night.

Welcome to Shadydell GA
5 seconds later
Now leaving Shadydell GA
that should give you an idea of how small the towns are around here.

I have an announcement. My family has doubled in size. My sisters dick gave her a rock. day gettin murried. I am happy to have the Scotts as my new brothers and parents.

Happy Thanksgiving er body.

Since my last post...

I got these in the mail. They're pretty Gangster. (notice capitol "g")

They're Fuckin' HUGE. (Its the padding, sorry ladies...)

We (Aaron and I) went to LMS to give 'em the ol' runaround.
We saw PJ and his bro Jason. They were boarding and biking.
A good day of Nostalgia's Palms AND Happy Lawns. btw, Video in progress!
Zane is in Georgia with his Fam and his sister's dick, giving Thanks.
We will be with our respective clans as well. Hope Evo has a good
Buddhist day of thanksgiving. I'll be thanking myself for Falafels. mmmm

In Music related news:

Is the baller ass CD I got in the mail today. Used. Out of the Ashtray.
Shuffle is my blogging disc jockey. Currently: "Streamline" - SOAD
Nothings upon nothings left to say so:

TAKE THAT WORLD! - much love and respect
p.s. that's Scott for anyone who's confused.

21 November, 2007

i only listen to christmas music from here on out

and now


The Slab: Gloucester County Skate Mecca

BSFS (by skaters for skaters)

The Entrance: a wooden platform stuck in the dirt like 3 feet from the slab with a gnarl ledge to bang your stick on. it got a 2 foot drop.

180 degrees aint nuffin

DaBankBank: 4 feet tall, nine feet wide and it got tree stickin out of it. it steep as dick. watch out for the death gap and dont forget to rip around the tree up top

PacNac: it a box and it look like a fucked up picnic table 16 inches in da middle 12 inches on da right 8 inches on da left. dont forget the taters cause im bout to bring da gravy.

Kicker: dont ask about it.

The Wall: its steep, its held up by two trees, and its really easy to rack your buddys on if u aint payin your board its attentions and your me. if you wanna go hawk you mavy even wanna hit the kicker and stomp on it. its nuts as dick

The Box: I FS tail slid it today 3 motherfuckin times. i set records er day. YAH YAH!

The Wise Block: Been at The Slab since before The Slab. I dont hit it much cause it look all tippy and shit but er body else be lippin it like 20 fo 7

The Wise Box: Been at The Slab since be fo The Slab 2 and its seen its share of times like the time gays hit it wit a motherfuckin sledge hammer so we made it a bench and er body ass on it like 20 fo 7

The Asshole Gap: its called that cause i cant do it as often as the rest of those assholes that treat it like its an inch. well i say fuck em and put your rail there and do your gay grinds and shit im scarred of it anyways.

That the platform i built so we could have the asshole gap. i regret it

The Curve: it aint done and be careful with that coping it come the fuck out we aint screwed it in.

get yo speeds and do da asshole gap asshole

and last but not least

The Dick Gauntlet: It called that cause it a gauntlet and it got a dick drawn on it. Its an exact replica of the Enjoi Teams obsticle for the Vans downtown show down. look it the fuck up and be amazed


20 November, 2007

18 November, 2007


Over the last couple days I have received 2 CDs in the mail (Used because thats the best way to put as little cash into the machine as possible, other than theft). I got The Make-Up - Save Yourself and Nation of Ulysses - The Embassy Tapes. They are both wonderful albums (especially for under $2), however, the seller who sold me the Make-Up disc neglected to mention THERE WAS NO FUCKING COVER! Thats half the reason I buy CDs. Otherwise I would just download them for FREE on the internet (yes, I said it, you can't see it right now FBI, but I'm flicking you off). The seller will definitely receive some bad feedback! Anyway, the albums are great, I'm listening to the Nation of Ulysses right now, and searching for the album art to put into iTunes. SHAKEDOWN! Other than music listening, I haven't done a whole lot, Scott, Aaron, and I went out last night real late and biked/boarded. It was cold. It was fruitful. Aaron landed 2 tailwhips, as you can read below. I Shoe-Gooed a couple pairs of kicks. They should last a bit longer now. I am anxiously awaiting my new blades in the mail, last I saw they were in Nashville. Thanksgiving is next week and that will be baller. I'm making Falafels, being vegetarian and all, I can't really do the Turkey thing. I never really liked it anyways. Party Shuffle on iTunes is a great feature, jammin' out to Rio Bravo by CKY, followed by No Surprises (Acoustic) by Radiohead. Nice. I have nothing else to say really, so goodnight and peace be with you!

p.s. This blog dedicated to resident-fascist-Donahue's First Avenue Grill on First Street in Kilmarnock. HA!

17 November, 2007


landed: 2 tailwhips
records: fats domino - fats swings, beirut - the flying club cup, 2 african records i can't remember the name
wearing: new jeans

16 November, 2007

went to wal-mart and bought two books. one is called wicked. its about the wicked witch of the west and how she makes dorothy look like a cunt. been wantin to check it out for a while. the other is for rachael for christmas and i wont say what it is just in case she reads allforonesies. i decided that im gonna move my mini ramp to the slab. should have it there by wednesday if shit goes as planned. itll be a challenge. also went to gamestop to buy puzzlequest but didnt cause queer boy was the only person behind the register and i dint want to deal with him but melvin was there with his GF and he gave me a comemorative coin for the release of super mario galaxy. hell yes. just beat the phantom hourglass. i had been pretty disappointed with it so far but the ending ruled. best zelda ending yet. also recieved a check in the mail for 27 dollars. i didnt have any idea what it was for but then i got on the computer and saw that one of my time space distorion pokemon cards had sold. i forgot i put them on ebay. i saw that most of the others went for 35 bucks though. i got robbed. prob cause i dont accept paypal. gay. cant complain about 27 big ones tho. porno time. then wicked.


Well, I woke up this morning and realized a possibility in repairing my computer. I have an SLI ready motherboard. I have two graphics card slots so that I can have dual graphics card action. Sweet. Anyway, the point is that I realized I could transfer the card to the secondary slot to see if it was indeed the graphics card that had died. As by my writing this you can obviously discern that it worked. It was only the slot that had fried. Perhaps it was just merely the removing and cleaning that did it, I do not know. One way to find out, but for now, I have a computer. So, I'm checking email and doing this blog thing...seeing gay pornography already...didn't think that would have been on there immediately. Oh well, I had hoped.
My life here is pretty humble. I live on the floor here at the Trillium Center--yeah, that's what the house is called--and get to eat organic salads. I still don't have a job yet, though I have been going to interviews this week. OfficeMax really wanted to give me the job as a sales associate, but they wanted me to cut all my hair off. You know, a business cut. I thought, it's just hair. But, it's an identifying factor and personal freedom. I considered it, but only for an instant, as they weren't guaranteeing me the position. Not to mention, after learning their policies, I discovered that this company was biased and sexist. My buddhist roommate said it best, "Fuck 'em!" I laughed....I went for an interview Wednesday at Best Buy. I am supposed to have heard from the supervisor I interviewed with already, but they are really busy. I am going to call in a little while to find out if they will extend an offer to me. I really hope so, considering they have a full-time position with benefits.
So Aaron's playing Call of Duty 4, huh? Well, I would have bought it, except I have no money. I still haven't even bought Bioshock, Halo 3, or Assasin's Creed. Besides, Rainbow Six Vegas is better. Call of Duty 3 was the worst of the three predecessors, so I only assumed this new one would follow lead and not be worth anything. Especially considering the franchise has taken a new route, veering from World War II to modern day. Granted, it is a different company that developed this one. I have heard otherwise, though. Many say it is awesome, but...whatever. It's a rather moot point, seeing how I don't have and funds. I do manage to pull in gas and grocery money by aiding Steve in his garden. It's not much, but it's better than nothing. As long as he doesn't decide to plant something while I'm bending over...
Cat's coming over tonight and we are going to make dinner and watch Mirror Mask. She comes over often, sometimes spending a weekend here. She bought me a carton of eggs and kissed each one. I know you guys don't want to here these things, but I love this woman. Anyway, I won't go off on that tangent.
My leg is asleep. Sitting cross-legged on the floor for a while can do that. I am excited that my computer is running again. Especially that I have internet access again. Oh, I just finished the final Harry Potter book last night. I read from chapter 29 to the end yesterday. All I did was make some phone calls, read, and watch The Hulk yesterday. I didn't want to go out doing things if I received the phone call from Best Buy that I was expecting. Mostly just keeping myself occupied until I can acquire a job. Doing all I can in that aspect as well. I'm going to start reading Eragon tonight. My mother bought it for me before it was a movie and I never read it. I brought it so that I could read it...I don't mean to point out the painfully obvious, but that's my over-analytical and detail-oriented sides. Anyway...I discovered something recently and now I'm trying to remember it....Cat makes awesome brownies...that's not what I was trying to remember, but I thought I'd share that.
No, I don't miss the farts in particular, but maybe the charades...? I don't know. You guys are quite humorous. Perhaps, I will see you guys around Christmas. I won't be able to come back for Thanksgiving, as I can't afford the trip, and especially not the time. Eventually, I will be able to hone my manual skills by being allowed to drive her BMW Z4. It's a cool car, but the hard-top coupe is better. She has the convertible, which, even with the top up, has more visibility. The coupe has a miniature rear window. I still would have bought the coupe anyway. I'm always about practicality, but that is disregarded when you buy a roadster--especially when it's a BMW. After I get a job and save enough money, I will buy a wireless card for my computer (didn't bother with one when I built it, as I was hot-wired directly to the modem) and I will not have to switch may ethernet cable from PC to 360. I will be able to use both simulatneously (Oh my...). Well, it's now 3:30 pm and I have no idea how much I have written. I suddenly doubt anyone will read it. Perhaps you guys will, as not being in much contact with me. I need to call Best Buy....and I'm hungry. F. Alright, I will talk to you guys later. Take care.

15 November, 2007

The Eucharist

So, I went to the John to take a piss, and it was full of pee pee, and as far as I could see see, I knew that it would stink stink. I didn't have to think think, I just went in the sink sink. Jokes on Aaron. hehe. No, in all seriousness, that Soulja Boy (spelling? who knows) song BLOWSSS. If I hear "Now Superman that Hooooooe" one more time, I'm going to commit murder 1. The Gnostic Gospels, by Elaine Pagels however, is an incredible book. As well as Evasion of the CrimethINC Letters Series. I recommend both of them. The Gnostic Gospels is a book about, obviously, the Gnostic Gospels. They were found in 1945 at Nag Hammadi and are many old, lost scriptures of the ancient sect of Christians known as Gnostics. Very different from what came of the original catholic church. Evasion is a sort of memoir by an anonymous author who lives entirely by stealing and dumpstering what ever he needs. The book is a sort of collection of stories about his adventures hitchhiking and things. Um, Shit. The Office is on. Later!
im really hungry and mom said she isnt goin grocery shopping till we get back from georgia next sunday. what the fuck am i going to eat.

hopefully we have a wii sports bowling tournament with bens family again. that was super fun. ben is my sisters dick and last thanksgiving his family came up here so we're going down there this thanksgiving. ill probably end up doing physics the whole time im there. im feeling really pressured to pass that class. today i opened the book to do homework. i didnt understand anything. mr crook tends to stand there and wait for mental osmosis to occur. it hasnt yet. im convinced that most physicists are ass holes.

Main Entry: physicist
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: researcher
Synonyms: analyst, ass hole, chemist examiner, expert, lab technician, prober, scientist, tester.
(courtesy of http://www.dictionary.com/)

case closed

it was a real suprise last night when my boy friend showed me that he had the premier of the new season of Project Runway recorded on his tivo. i hadnt heard it was staring again. kit pistol for the gold.

im watching how its made and theyre showing how baby shoes are bronzed and they are working on a little pair of baby nikes. made from babys for babys...to be stained bronze.

ooooo mom just got home and she brought my recent ebay winnings with her.

just tried it on. it makes me look like a douche bag. its perfect.



The First Blog Ever

Can you say, "Trendy!"? We'll see how long this lasts. This blog, that will be read mostly by its posters, is a way for the 5 dudes associated with it to entertain themselves on those lonely nights. We're here now, in the Basement, (we're soooooo that '70s Show), watching Project Runway. Well, I'm not paying much attention, not a big "reality" fan. I like some of the dresses though. I'm Nathan by the way. Wow. I'm a fuckin' tard. This gay guy on here wears THE WORST hats ever. You ever see someone that perpetuates a stereotype SO bad, you just have to laugh. I'm no homophobe, but those hats are GAY. Real "gay-biker". The Israeli dude won. Neat. I hope this arty girl gets to stay. She is "charmingly eccentric". YAY! She did! I think I want to try and make every one of my posts as long and rambling as possible. Nation of Ulysses rules. S.S. Exploder! I hope Evo likes our idea for a blog. He will write really good. Aaron just took a drink from some Simply Orange juice, and the seal had been tampered with. "You aren't supposed to do that!" I said, "It says right on the label." Then he says, "Prolly be aiight." and he drinks it. He will be dead by morning. Or maybe his mom opened it earlier, it isn't clear. Oh, by the way, Lisa has a blog too! It should be linked when I'm done. Zane and Scott are eating microwavable sausage, egg, and cheese biscuits. I smell them. ewwwww. The Office comes on tomorrow. Yay! My mind is silent right now. Damn, what a time, what a time. Aaron plays Call of Duty 4 to much. He's being conditioned. Soon he'll be tellin' people to "take point" and the Marines will like, swoop him up for secret missions. On the other hand, that would be kinda badass..... Okay, I'm gonna try and figure the rest of this out. You like the layout? Its green. Like the Earth. Nice.

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