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22 November, 2007

Since my last post...

I got these in the mail. They're pretty Gangster. (notice capitol "g")

They're Fuckin' HUGE. (Its the padding, sorry ladies...)

We (Aaron and I) went to LMS to give 'em the ol' runaround.
We saw PJ and his bro Jason. They were boarding and biking.
A good day of Nostalgia's Palms AND Happy Lawns. btw, Video in progress!
Zane is in Georgia with his Fam and his sister's dick, giving Thanks.
We will be with our respective clans as well. Hope Evo has a good
Buddhist day of thanksgiving. I'll be thanking myself for Falafels. mmmm

In Music related news:

Is the baller ass CD I got in the mail today. Used. Out of the Ashtray.
Shuffle is my blogging disc jockey. Currently: "Streamline" - SOAD
Nothings upon nothings left to say so:

TAKE THAT WORLD! - much love and respect
p.s. that's Scott for anyone who's confused.

1 comment:

zane said...

your legs look real nyyce in dem roller shoes

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