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16 November, 2007


Well, I woke up this morning and realized a possibility in repairing my computer. I have an SLI ready motherboard. I have two graphics card slots so that I can have dual graphics card action. Sweet. Anyway, the point is that I realized I could transfer the card to the secondary slot to see if it was indeed the graphics card that had died. As by my writing this you can obviously discern that it worked. It was only the slot that had fried. Perhaps it was just merely the removing and cleaning that did it, I do not know. One way to find out, but for now, I have a computer. So, I'm checking email and doing this blog thing...seeing gay pornography already...didn't think that would have been on there immediately. Oh well, I had hoped.
My life here is pretty humble. I live on the floor here at the Trillium Center--yeah, that's what the house is called--and get to eat organic salads. I still don't have a job yet, though I have been going to interviews this week. OfficeMax really wanted to give me the job as a sales associate, but they wanted me to cut all my hair off. You know, a business cut. I thought, it's just hair. But, it's an identifying factor and personal freedom. I considered it, but only for an instant, as they weren't guaranteeing me the position. Not to mention, after learning their policies, I discovered that this company was biased and sexist. My buddhist roommate said it best, "Fuck 'em!" I laughed....I went for an interview Wednesday at Best Buy. I am supposed to have heard from the supervisor I interviewed with already, but they are really busy. I am going to call in a little while to find out if they will extend an offer to me. I really hope so, considering they have a full-time position with benefits.
So Aaron's playing Call of Duty 4, huh? Well, I would have bought it, except I have no money. I still haven't even bought Bioshock, Halo 3, or Assasin's Creed. Besides, Rainbow Six Vegas is better. Call of Duty 3 was the worst of the three predecessors, so I only assumed this new one would follow lead and not be worth anything. Especially considering the franchise has taken a new route, veering from World War II to modern day. Granted, it is a different company that developed this one. I have heard otherwise, though. Many say it is awesome, but...whatever. It's a rather moot point, seeing how I don't have and funds. I do manage to pull in gas and grocery money by aiding Steve in his garden. It's not much, but it's better than nothing. As long as he doesn't decide to plant something while I'm bending over...
Cat's coming over tonight and we are going to make dinner and watch Mirror Mask. She comes over often, sometimes spending a weekend here. She bought me a carton of eggs and kissed each one. I know you guys don't want to here these things, but I love this woman. Anyway, I won't go off on that tangent.
My leg is asleep. Sitting cross-legged on the floor for a while can do that. I am excited that my computer is running again. Especially that I have internet access again. Oh, I just finished the final Harry Potter book last night. I read from chapter 29 to the end yesterday. All I did was make some phone calls, read, and watch The Hulk yesterday. I didn't want to go out doing things if I received the phone call from Best Buy that I was expecting. Mostly just keeping myself occupied until I can acquire a job. Doing all I can in that aspect as well. I'm going to start reading Eragon tonight. My mother bought it for me before it was a movie and I never read it. I brought it so that I could read it...I don't mean to point out the painfully obvious, but that's my over-analytical and detail-oriented sides. Anyway...I discovered something recently and now I'm trying to remember it....Cat makes awesome brownies...that's not what I was trying to remember, but I thought I'd share that.
No, I don't miss the farts in particular, but maybe the charades...? I don't know. You guys are quite humorous. Perhaps, I will see you guys around Christmas. I won't be able to come back for Thanksgiving, as I can't afford the trip, and especially not the time. Eventually, I will be able to hone my manual skills by being allowed to drive her BMW Z4. It's a cool car, but the hard-top coupe is better. She has the convertible, which, even with the top up, has more visibility. The coupe has a miniature rear window. I still would have bought the coupe anyway. I'm always about practicality, but that is disregarded when you buy a roadster--especially when it's a BMW. After I get a job and save enough money, I will buy a wireless card for my computer (didn't bother with one when I built it, as I was hot-wired directly to the modem) and I will not have to switch may ethernet cable from PC to 360. I will be able to use both simulatneously (Oh my...). Well, it's now 3:30 pm and I have no idea how much I have written. I suddenly doubt anyone will read it. Perhaps you guys will, as not being in much contact with me. I need to call Best Buy....and I'm hungry. F. Alright, I will talk to you guys later. Take care.


scott said...

Evan!! It worked!! Yay!! Glad to hear that things are (mostly) going smooth for you down there! It's not really the same without you bro, but I'm glad you're happy. Just be sure and keep in touch. This blog should really do the trick... We're smart... haha! Have a good nite!

Lisa said...

ola evo. in keeping with my lyric theme: "brown eyed girl" keeps running through my head. does cat have brown eyes? maybe it was just the brownies. LOL. Keep in touch.

scott said...

Yea... Lisa definitely LOL'd... Strike anybody else as funny? hahahaha

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