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20 December, 2010

Haven't heard the new Sufjan, but I should.

The Chariot




and also these familiars doing a Christmas song on Day 11

The Soil & The Sun

Check 'em all out. And I shall check the new Sufjan.

07 December, 2010

Age of Adz

I hope you guys have been listening to the new Sufjan

23 October, 2010


This hasn't been updated in far to long. Thought I would give y'all some food for thought. This is my Letter to the Editor of VCU's Commonwealth Times. It is in response to a pretty horrid excuse for an op-ed about the situation in Monroe Park. The original post can be viewed here. As well as more info on the situation can be viewed here.

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my frustrations with a recent opinion piece entitled "Why Renovate Monroe Park" that was published in your October 14th issue. I feel that while an opinion piece is just that, an opinion, it is extremely important to make sure statements made in that piece reflect fact and not fiction. "Why Renovate Monroe Park?" was full of fiction. Not only did the entire piece take an aggressive stance that completely dismissed the other side's position, which lends itself better to Facebook posts and internet trolling than it does journalism, it also dismisses the arguments without using any facts, and sometimes even false information. I want to try and correct some of these points.

First of all, I want to preface this by saying, I am not a student. I am just a food service worker. I am involved with Food Not Bombs in Richmond, and moved here to get out of a small town and experience new things. Which brings me to my first point.

The Wingnut Anarchist Collective does not, and never has, done food programs in Monroe Park. They have only existed for about a year, and consist of people who participate in other organizations, including Richmond Food Not Bombs which has been doing feeding programs for over 16 years in the park, and has only missed two Sundays since their beginning. Food Not Bombs has only been using the Wingnut's kitchen for a little less than a year, having cooked at a few different homes over the last 5 years, as well as a combination of community centers and churches over the last 16 years. While the Wingnut has released a statement about the situation in Monroe Park, so has Food Not Bombs as a separate organization, which does not involve only anarchists. There are more and more groups coming out against the closing of the park, and more statements are being prepared. ASWAN, a homeless organization, has also come out against the closing, attending meetings of the Monroe Park Advisory Council, as well as several VCU student groups. Implying that the Wingnut is the only group concerned with this makes the concerns seem like the worries of a few isolated individuals. This is completely false. Also, claiming that we, as an opposition, are opposed to the renovations is totally false. In none of the statements released so far, either from Food Not Bombs, or anyone else have the renovations been opposed as a whole. We only oppose the way they are being implemented, because this risks discrimination and pushing out of groups of people merely because they don't have the money or resources to have their concerns heard. The author claimed that the Wingnut is "in contention" with the goals to make Monroe Park "for anybody and everybody" which is a complete and total lie. Their statement is readily available to view online, and no where in it are these goals opposed.

My next response is to the statement that the renovations of the park "are not gentrification" and that if it was, "it would be better than deterioration" of the park. This is just offensive. The definition of gentrification is the displacement of poor residents by development conducted by more affluent groups of people. If this is the result of the renovations, then yes it is, by definition, gentrification. I would like to know when a park's image became more important than human beings? When did we decide that it was more important to make a nice looking park than to have a place where poor people can easily congregate without being harassed for being poor? This also assumes that the park is only occupied by poor folks and is in a state of total disrepair. I challenge anyone who spends much time in Monroe Park to truthfully believe that the park is in shambles and students and other people don't frequent that park. I live in Oregon Hill, so I see the park pretty often. When I go through that park, I see a place of extreme diversity, probably one of the more diverse parts of the city. If there is an absence of middle class families, it is probably more due to the fact that VCU has built up and expanded so far out around the park, that it is more convenient for them to go to one of the many parks in the Fan or the West End, than to drive to a park that is in the center of the city, which had its playground taken out years ago.

Another point by the author is that the Wingnut's claim that Councilman Samuels didn't tell the truth about the conditions of the park is false. Well, if you read Samuel's statements, and then go to the park yourself to look, you will see that yes, he was completely wrong. He didn't even bother to double check information about a park in his own district. The water runs, the fountains work, the toilets work. If there are problems with the facilities being down temporarily, or trash being strewn in the park, then it is in the city's duty to maintain the park. This does not mean renovations are necessary. Even if new bathrooms are built, if they are still not maintained on a regular basis, they will still get broken and trash will build up. This is an issue with the city's management, not the presence of poor people in the park.

The reason that Food Not Bombs and the Wingnut and many others are opposed to moving all feeding programs to the Conrad Center is not just due to the "psychological effects" implied by its proximity to the City Jail. The Conrad Center is located at the bottom of one of the biggest hills in the City. It is far from the center of town, and while it may be a decent resource to folks in Church Hill, people who occupy other parts of town have no viable access to the building. Many people who attend feedings at the park are elderly or have disabilities. There is no way even a healthy person would be able to make the hike down the hill for a meal, then not be allowed to hang around long before walking all the way back. By that time, it would almost be time to eat again.

MPAC and Samuels have been repeatedly confronted on the issue of why the park needs to be shut down for the entirety of the renovations. They have repeatedly refused to give a straight answer. Many of us who are forming the opposition to the closing have reviewed the City's own plans for the renovations, even going over the proposed budget. There is no explanation to why leaving a portion open would greatly increase the cost of an overall $9 million project. Thats right. Only the initial phase would be the well known cost of $6.2 million. The budget estimates that after everything is finalized, which could be years down the line, the entire thing would cost around $9 million dollars. This is a huge sum of money, and I don't want to see it wasted to provide just another space for the upper middle class to feel comfortable because they don't have to see the poverty in their own city. If the City is going to use money to improve a public space, it should stay public. In every sense of the word. If the people that make decisions about our community won't give us straight and honest answers about what they are doing, that is not public.

There is also concern that creating one centralized location for the poor to go is isolating and stigmatizing, which has shown to be true in countless other cities. The park is in no danger of becoming a "homeless only" space as the author claims. If you talk to anyone who has been in Richmond longer than a year, they would probably tell you that if anything, the amount of non-homeless people has increased in the last 5 years or more, not decreased. I still regard Monroe Park as the "heart of Richmond". If that heart isn't what we want it to look like, that should be a clue that we are doing something wrong as a community. If our heart is in poor health, maybe we should be spending time and resources on caring for it, not just trying to cover it up.

- Nathan Stickel

23 August, 2010

We comin' attcha dis Sundays

to the News we come. Who will be there?

22 August, 2010

14 August, 2010

Root Force Collective Farm

This is a great little shoot my friend Kontra did of some wonderful folks at Root Force Collective Farm.

check the rest out here.

and if you want info on the farm, check it out here.

They are all wonderful folks!

27 June, 2010


all of you. I have a four day weekend coming up for the 4th.....who wants to hang?

12 June, 2010


Who can find a copy online and send me a link? I can't seem to find it anywhere.....

29 May, 2010

21 May, 2010

18 May, 2010

12 May, 2010

08 May, 2010


May 19th

The Black Cat

Washington, D.C.

They were in awe. By they, I mean me.

seeing this in less than 2 weeks.....just ordered tickets. Who will I see there?

I Built Myself A Metal Bird - Thee Silver Mt. Zion from Constellation Records on Vimeo.

02 May, 2010

01 May, 2010

29 April, 2010

That was Fast!

[FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE] Richmond May Day 2010 VICTORY For Free Speech!

Good News! Due to the success of an action taken by hundreds of activists in solidarity with Richmond May Day 2010 through a 24 hour letter writing campaign, with over 350 signatures, targeting Police Chief Bryan T. Norwood (Richmond City Chief of Police) and Mayor Dwight C. Jones (Richmond City Mayor) we were granted a permit allowing the use of the street to march.

The letter was concerning their requirement that organizers be responsible for the hiring of off duty police officers, an infringement on our First Amendment Right to free speech and freedom of assembly. Without all of your diligent solidarity and action including the experience and advising efforts of the Virginia ACLU and Virginia Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality, we have avoided a potentially dangerous situation. The city has granted two police vehicles at no cost to the organizers as an escort to Richmond May Day Parade 2010.

We still plan to work closely with the ACLU from this point forward to insure that anyone else who wishes to exercise their First Amendment Rights may do so without the deterrent of any government ordinance requiring payment to do so.

In Solidarity,
Richmond May Day Organizing Committee 2010

Always in Solidarity

Police Repression and Censorship in RVA:

A coalition of local activist groups plans to hold a parade in Richmond this Saturday, May 1, to commemorate May Day. On March 16, 2010, Fellow Worker Kenneth Yates, one of the event organizers, submitted a parade permit application to Sgt. Selander of the RPD Special Events Division. According to the relevant city ordinance (Chapter 102, Article X of the City Code, pertaining to Assemblies, Demonstrations, and Parades), the police should have responded within five days. Instead, nearly a month went. On April 14, Sgt. Selander informed Mr. Yates that, in order to receive a parade permit, his group would have to pay for two off-duty police officers. According to Attorney Rebecca K. Glenberg of the Virginia ACLU, who has been in touch with both Mr. Yates and Sgt. Selander on this matter, the city code does not include any authority for the police to impose such a requirement.

Sign the letter here: http://www.change.org/petitions/view/free_speech_for_richmonds_may_day

Dear Mayor Dwight C. Jones and Police Chief Bryan T. Norwood:

I am writing to protest the fact that the Richmond Police Department is attempting to deny a parade permit to organizers of a Richmond May Day Parade planned for this coming Saturday, first by failing to respond to the organizers’ permit application within the time limit imposed by city law, and second by demanding that the organizers first agree to hire two off-duty police officers, a requirement not included in the relevant city ordinance. I urge the City of Richmond to do the right thing, respect the First Amendment right to peacefully assemble and immediately grant the parade permit.


The Parade is scheduled to continue. Folks who want to participate should show up at 4pm in Clay Abner Park to rally and parade out onto Broad Street (or the sidewalk)! There are press conferences and pickets being planned for tomorrow and possibly Friday, keep up to date at www.maydayrva.org or follow them on Facebook. And don’t forget the workshops Friday night at the William Byrd Community House in Oregon Hill and Saturday at Gallery 5 in Jackson Ward!

28 April, 2010


you only need to watch the first 30 seconds.

these are the guys i do listen to.

these are tha band boys.
these are O'BROTHER

26 April, 2010

gotta say...

I like this.

If its not to faggoty for you.


this is for you dude. Violin cover of Toxicity......


born free

new M.I.A. song, i don't really like it. but the video is intense.


23 April, 2010

Riding the Bummer Train to No where

total bust.

short as shit train.

closed boxcars


and an un-rideable grainer.

So we camped by the river instead.

22 April, 2010


Train Trip tonight. To Burkeville and back. Pictures to come.

20 April, 2010



My friend Amy posted this on my fb and i thought it ruled.

pillow talk

sexy stuff.

What I listen to most right now. guys.

happy birthday,

  • DUDE.

Shameless Self Promotion

This is my house y'all. For those of you who don't know, we are a radical lending library in Richmond, VA. The project has been around for more than 10 years, and has spent around 7 of those years in the blue and purple house, in the historically white working class neighborhood of Oregon Hill at 506 S Pine St. We have lots of books and zines and free shit. We also hold events like film screenings, discussions, meetings, the occasional acoustic show, and workshops.

So if y'all are in Richmond and want to come check it out and visit me, or you just need my address so you can send me sweet shit, NOW YOU KNOW. Come visit eh? I'm a 3 minute walk to river, and its beautiful in the summertime. There is even a sweet rope swing under the train trestle.

We have a blog too: flyingbrickrva.wordpress.com
Find us on myspace

16 April, 2010

14 April, 2010

that cocorosie cover... i dunno dude. i, dunno..

also they're playing the black cat in june for $20.


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