wanted dead or alive in 2k10

28 January, 2009

25 January, 2009

I was

at this y'all!

(scroll down to the January 22nd entry)

It was fun, we chanted in Spanish and jammed to a small drum band, all creating a big racket outside of the ICE buildings. I felt there should have been more confrontation, being Washington D.C. people see protests all the time. But we hit it right at lunchtime and marched loudly down the streets. There were definitely plenty of suits curious to see what was going on. I guess I would be desperate for excitement too....

Familia - Si!
Redadas - No!

22 January, 2009

18 January, 2009

I'm going

to see Obama get da iin awg er 8d.

leavin' tomorrow. wish me luck. this will be fuckin' crazy...

17 January, 2009

his best film since phonebooth:

an instant classic fellas-

13 January, 2009

man on wire

good movie, yalsha see it

here we go magic

yes, here we go, magic
yes, tunnelvision

12 January, 2009

the nacirema

read this


i don't know if you guys have heard the new animal collective record yet, but this is my new jam:

Animal Collective - Bluish

The Lighter Side of "Pigs"


After watching the cop blow that guy away a few more times, I figured I oughta remind every one that cops can be adorable too..

it's a comin'


09 January, 2009


shot another one. This time in Oakland, CA. Fucking bullshit. More meaningful riots and protests should be planned.

Our Library Thingy

here's some books we've read: