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17 November, 2009

Ok, So I have been ignoring my duties....

But y'all have too!

Nothing specific to say, just a few neat pieces of news!

The Flying Brick Library is opening November 30th!

506 S Pine Street, in Oregon Hill. Richmond, Va

They will be open Mondays from 9-4 and Thursdays from 4-9.
After the New Year they hope to expand their hours!

I will be the librarian for most Thursdays, so come on in and say Hi.

RVA Food Not Bombs has moved it location to 710 N Boulevard.

We still serve at 4 in Monroe Park, on the corner of Main and Belvidere.

FNB will be moving again around the New Year to a more permanent space at 2005 Barton Ave,
Also known as the Wingnut House.

And in personal news, I hope to move into the house at 710 N Boulevard in June, home of the Vegan Potluck RVA and Charlie Mansion House Shows. There will be almost an entirely new set of people moving in and we hope to start on even more fabulous projects and events!

You guys have gots to come visit. Especially you assholes who have gotten engaged and I haven't seen you since. Well, ok, Zane I saw once.......Anyway, missin' you dudes.

Love, Nathan

Our Library Thingy

here's some books we've read: