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30 December, 2008




Is great.

I have been struggling a little to reconcile my belief that we don't need presidents or leaders with the good feelings I couldn't help but have after Barack Obama won the presidency. Apparently I'm not the only anarchist who feels the same. I plan on participating on January 20th. Anyone want to come with me and be a part of history?

24 December, 2008

Soooo good!

New Chariot song:

Working title is "Charlie Davidson"....
They also play Forgive Me Nashville.

21 December, 2008

I knew they wouldn't let me down....

CrimethInc has been pretty silent during all the hub bub in Greece, but here they finally give a thorough analysis of what might be happening there, and why corporate media has it wrong. Its not just about Alexandros and its not just fueled by a poor economy. What else is at work here?

16 December, 2008

Could've done without the 9/11 shit

but this provides some great insight for anyone who has ever had the Bible quoted to them to make them feel like shit:

15 December, 2008

wonka, truly wonka

you should really see this one.

14 December, 2008

12 December, 2008


ya'll should see this one.................... instantly.

10 December, 2008



play it safe, lads.

09 December, 2008

these guys seem pretty sweet so far


animal collective and beirut mixed? meh... somethin like that

Paris '68 to Greece '08?

The riots are still happening and they are spreading across the country. The Conservative Party of Greek's gov't seems to be sorely weakened and the Socialist Party is standing by, waiting to seize their moment. Workers Unions across the country are planning solidarity strikes through out Greece and there are many more solidarity actions being taken up in Europe and even San Francisco and New York City. This is seriously looking to be more than just Greek's version of the Rodney King Riots. Athens is looking to be our generation's Paris. Its really exciting to see this happening. I don't hold any hopes for Greece to become a "free society" but its always inspiring to see so many different groups of people organizing and reacting in a way that is concrete and direct. None of the sign holding, hippie bullshit. As long as the rioters seem to be keeping their focus on the cops and other parts of the State, I can't see much wrong with a violent reaction to a violent act. Maybe this will have the same effect on Greece and the rest of the world today as Paris did in '68. Hopefully it will be more successful. Hopefully Alexandros was not just another death at the hands of a cop.

08 December, 2008

Truely Great Stuff

This has some great links to incredible footage in Greece.


07 December, 2008

Wars and Rumors of Wars

title of the new Cha-Cha-Cha-Chariot.

presumably taken from Mathew 24:6


I heard a bit of a new song being played live.......sounds bawesome.

Also, the new t(i)nc album, "The Cross of My Calling", has grown on me quite a bit, although the chorus of "Washington Bullets" still annoys me. As I recall it took me awhile to get used to "Armed Love" too, so y'all should gives it a try.

"Child of God" is probably my favorite track.

or "I am the Dynamite".

also, btw, M.I.A. is f-ing pregnant!!

04 December, 2008

oh yeah

did you guys know you can watch instantly on mac on netflix now?


Name Drops

all over the place

03 December, 2008

02 December, 2008

ha ha ha, bless your soul.

and for nathan...

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