wanted dead or alive in 2k10

30 March, 2008

now my mixtape works ya'll


a successful bread break

well I lack but one more month until I am again in the country of my citizenry.
we are now just snacking, a nosh in the grass, and the sky is breezing and we are chilled.
bread and oil.
lucky dragons.
I'm a smiler.
I'm a Nancy.

28 March, 2008

MUXtape ya'll

check it out:muxtape you can make your own 12 song mixtapes for your friends. and you can listen to other peoples mix tapes so its a cool way to find some new tunes. i made one for you guys, check it out: http://ispeakman.muxtape.com/

lovelovelove (shorts and flipsflops.)

23 March, 2008

dried up, cynical, all-around dead

Just thinking about the sadness in these two statements:

"Liberalism and reality are two different things."

"If you're under 25 and aren't a Liberal, you don't have a heart, but if you're over 40 and not a Conservative you don't have a brain."

sad old men say these things. they're as good as dead....

I'm not arguing FOR liberalism, just against conservatism....

You ever get a Migraine?

Hey Kime/Bengal, ever get a Migraine? You probably don't, but when you get home, if you could find an old tape of The Migraines, I would love to get a chance to copy the songs. Especially if there is a recording of "Mulletville". Remember that shit?

21 March, 2008

ok yeah sure whatever

i'm also pumped to dandy.

how about charlie white? -- charlie white

not much more for me to say, music movies art,

i listen to this a lot now - stephen malkmus and the jicks. you can listen to dragonfly pie and wait until about 1:00 or 1:07 and then it gets incredible. also gardenia.

bye friends.

20 March, 2008

A Word to the Wise...

Don't ever. EVER eat Food Lion brand Freaky Fruits (The "Trix" of Clover Valley style cereals). No matter how tasty and cheap they appear, they do horrible things. NOTHING that comes from your body should be Highlighter Green. NOTHING. It just ain't healthy.

all the girlies go by to get their gamble on

rubysuns are so nice.

watched that there will be blood today, and johnny greenwood sure did a nice job. and everyone else too.

kids, I am excited to dandy lion.

and alex and i are sending a demo to the Cornerstone new band thing, just to see what happens...

we are gonna try to hit up the recording studio here on campus and lay down a new track. it is about the Galápagos.

and we bought a chicken. she is called Frida (Kahlo). she is a pet. she is friendly too.

you cats makin' any sounds these days? fff?

and have ya heard fucoustic? acoustic fugazi cover band...


kinda fun.

18 March, 2008

ruby suns are from new zealand

the ruby suns, listen to "tane mahuta"
########right here#######

my gurl is called ray-chill.

i haven't listened to the new man man yet, but i have listened to those 4 new animal collective songs at least 20 times each. they are phenomenal. cobWEEEEBBBBSSS.

ps. has anyone listened to the blue album by weezer lately?

16 March, 2008

consider nemo found.


12 March, 2008

the port


my gurl like port o'brien (i have a gurl). i listened to them last night and i'm kinda keen too. we might make that trip. she also likes this band that i think you might like.

golden ghost (clickit.)

P.S.... Since you might not get to these for a while heres something for you:

man man - rabbit habits ::: click here
animal collective - water curses EP ::: click here

Enjoy aaron

10 March, 2008

The clouds, they are empty... and a bird flies by.


I dare you kids to go watch Port O'Brien in DC on 27 March...

They are fun on youtube, too.

09 March, 2008

08 March, 2008

Ecuador, Picture Posting, DL, War

When you are writing your entry you should be able to click on the picture icon and be able to either post a URL for a pic or browse your computer for one.

I am glad to hear you're not in harms way, but that is really shitty for your Colombian brothers. War sucks. Our media has been saying tensions were high, then they turn around and say Chavez is seeking diplomacy, so it is hard to know who to believe. I used to think Chavez was kind of a good thing for Venezuela and South America (as good as any politician could be that is), but he has been doing some kind of ridiculous things lately. I hope that all parties choose diplomacy. And why is Nicaragua chiming in? More fuel to the fire. Shame Shame.

Yes, Aaron and I both listened to some Dandy Lions stuff recently and I even watched a live video of us a month or so ago, so I really think a "reunion show" is in order for this summer. A new band, or at least a new little one time project is still a good idea though. Keep us posted on the situation there in Ecuador brother, remember, security is a warm warm gun.

p.s. my friends seem to have bad luck picking countries to live in for a time. Seth is in Spain and not to long ago they almost had a little skirmish with Morocco. Fucking governments.

07 March, 2008

¡Muchachos, Hermanos, Ñaños!

boys! brothers! brothers (in Quichua (the indigenous language of ecuador...))!

here is my post. here is my boast. and toast to y'all. ¡les brindo!

Right now I am cleaning my room with my Colombian roommate, who is still a bit worried about the situation in his country. It is pretty serious, Ecuador and Venezuela have sent troops to their respective borders with Colombia, but as of now I don't think Colombia has acted militarily. There was a press conference today with the leaders of Col. Ven. Ecuador, and now Nicaragua is supposedly pissed at Colombia too.

My roommate said it is because there are some islands off the coast of Nicaragua that are owned by Colombia, but Nic. wants 'em. So for this, they are shouting at Uribe - Col.'s pres. Where I am there is no danger , nor threat... We are a few hours from the border, but we are just watching and waiting. The Colombians are really the only one's worried (the colombians here on campus) because they might have to go home, OR, they might not be able to get back into their country...

No one wants war. (at least none of the citizens.) We are all just in prayer, and the wait.

In other news, I have stumbled upon a website of great wonder.


it searches through blogs for mp3, and is so amazing. I know you guys already bounce around the blogs, and I always wondered how, now I can, too. And do y'all know how to post an mp3? I sure don't. Or a photo from the comp, not the internet...

Also, I think you are in the right, Nay. Dandy Lions as before... or new name. New Band. But I think it would be fun for old time's sake. I listened to all our old songs, super fun smile time... ha. If we were to change the band, it would be the child of Dandy Lions, and lions have cubs, no? ... Dandy Cubs. (or, as Aaron and I once talked... flippyflop the sweet stops... Candy Dubs.

But did you really go to Florence?

Happy Mustache March!

Mustache by ~pinishoes on deviantART

06 March, 2008

The DL? and Venetian Words


I can't speak for the others, but I would be delighted to play in the Dandy Lions again. But only if we were to stick to the same general bass/drums/guitar/vox, otherwise a new name is in order I think. Either way, I am in need of music in my life. Italy was incredible and I think we would have to be face to face to really get into it. But I saw much beautiful graffiti and people and old buildings and pigeons and dogs and pasta and Florence and Romans and trains and water-buses and Jews and Communists and Africans and a gypsy girl and dreadlocks and a piano player and an Argentinian and a guy who swears "we got everything". I also read a book entitled "John the Painter" by Jessica Warner. Peace in the Middle East.

p.s. Did you hear about all this stuff with Ecuador and Venezuela getting mad at Colombia? Feeling the tension? or is American media just hyping this because we don't like Chavez?

p.p.s. also, "There Will Be Blood" wasn't a bad film, although not quite what I was expecting.

04 March, 2008

Glue Stix

basically, Nathan is in Grizzly Bear, he's just not tellin'.
extra basically, tell me many words of yer italiantravels.

and you guys wanna play dandy lions this sum sum?

02 March, 2008

Pictures of Italy

Boys and Ghouls, we're back. We arrived home Friday night, and I have just gotten all the pictures and video on to my computer and organized. So here is a little taste of our trip:

I'm pretty sure Alfred Hitchcock went to Venice.

Roman Comrades

Venetian Jews

Art is in the Streets

Anarchists are everywhere

A pretty little gypsy girl took our pretty little picture.

and there she is!

It was good times. Maybe we'll go back one day.......

01 March, 2008

re: seu jorge

i like the david bowie covers

also: grizzly bear: blonde dude in the middle with the red shirt has always kind of looked like nathan to me

Our Library Thingy

here's some books we've read: