wanted dead or alive in 2k10

04 December, 2007

You see any kids walkin' around?

"Yeah, there was like, 4 of 'em. Don't know who they were. They said they were just bored and walking around."
"Oh, ok, just stay in front of the security cameras in case somethin' happens."
"Haha, ok."

(15 minutes later)

"Yo, what'd the cop say to you?"
"He was all givin' us shit and I was like, eat it pig!"
"Yeah, he I.D.ed us."
"Yeah they did that to us like, the first 3 times, and now they just don't"
"Oh.... Thats crazy. Ok guys have a good night!"

we play both sides of the law here...

See what you miss when you're gay Zane?


Lisa said...

Wild and free, running, running, wild and free....

Aaron said...

fay gay

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